Chemistry on metal

Films to form

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ZWEZ Chemie GmbH

ZWEZ-Chemie products refine metal to intelligent parts through functional coatings

More than 80 years of expert knowledge characterise the fascinating properties of ZWEZ products with many unique features. As in a manufactory, we design and optimise your process with ZWEZ products according to your individual requirements. Innovatively, in line with our economic and ecological responsibility.

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ZWEZ Experts

The ZWEZ Experts are always committed and always know what they are talking about. Whether it is with regard to general questions of phosphating or metal colouring, to special and today very topical subject of cold forming of metals using inorganic separating and carrier layers, or to special lubricants (see films to form).

You can trust the ZWEZ Experts completely, because our goal is always the best possible result according to the interest of the customer. Hundreds of companies around the world share this experience with us every day.

Films to form

ZWEZ has developed their own lubricating and separating films for the cold forming of metals. You too can benefit from this know-how!

Chemistry on metal

Post- or pre-treatment in the process, phosphating or blackening – ZWEZ is your Expert in chemistry on metal.