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Chipless metal forming using lubricating films without oil or solvents for cold, warm and hot forming.

This technology is highly specialised for cold forming of different metals, such as rods, wires and sheets, as well as for tube and wire production. It consists of lubricating and separating films.

The “topcoat” always is a lubricating film. The “film-coating” takes place either directly on the metal surface or on the previously applied separating film. Although the separating film has no lubricating properties, it significantly supports the lubricating film during extreme forming operations.

Lubricating films


are made up by the ZWEZ-Lube products. These aqueous products do not contain any oil, but form dry, thin and very firmly adhering lubricating films on the workpieces. They consist of a combination of organic and inorganic compounds. The application of such aqueous dispersion/emulsion is carried out by immersion, flooding or spraying.

Separating films


are conversion layers which are formed on the workpieces by application of ZWEZ-Coat products, mostly by immersion in an aqueous solution. The composition is specifically designed for the different types of metals: phosphates for iron material, oxalates for stainless steel and aluminates for aluminium.