ZWEZ-Lube of the “Solid Lubricants” Group

This is the most versatile and efficient product line of Solid Lubricants on the market.

We thank our customers who have pushed us to these developments over decades through their special requirements to these developments


ZWEZ-Lube MD 210 MD 230 MD 233 GD 109 GD 144 L-MP 3
Unique position Long stretching zones Without and with Phosphating (Worldwide distribution) Highest temperature resistance of the MD series >>NEW<< TOP performance at lowest costs >>>NEW<< Highest continuous temperature resistance of such special products Wire presses for highest requirements >UNIQUE<
Coldforging X X X X X
Hot forming X
Anwendung Dipping Dipping Dipping Dipping Dipping Usual phosphating
Pretreatment Usual phosphating Usual phosphating Usual phosphating Usual phosphating ./. Usual phosphating
Suitability for simplified pre-treatment according to SLS ONLY pre-immersion in Cond MPS 4.0 ONLY pre-immersion in Cond MPS 4.0 ONLY pre-immersion in Cond MPS 4.0 ONLY pre-immersion in Cond MPS 4.0
For optimisation… …of special types of formung …of special types of formung …of special types of formung …of the cost-benefit of all types of forming …of the fatigue resistance with inductive heating …of the degree of forming
Basic MoS2 MoS2 MoS2 Graphit Graphit MoS2
Material Fe Fe Fe Fe Fe Fe
Availability of adapted cleaners X X X X X X


This is only offered by the specialist who has optimised his know-how for more than 40 years in cooperation with top formers. ZWEZ recognised at a very early stage that cold forming is well served by soaps, but that soaps are not an option in the continuous improvement process (CIP) to minimise costs by saving forming steps/increasing the degree of forming.

In this bottleneck, the cold converter helped itself with the application of molybdenum disulphide powder (Mos2). However, this method is only suitable for small parts; it is unsuitable for gear shafts or hollow parts. The solution was and is the aqueous dispersion of solid lubricants. Like soap, this is used wet in wet at the end of the phosphating process and is suitable for all part geometries.

  • ZWEZ has been involved from the very beginning, and has Lub MD230 the benchmark for converters worldwide.
  • ZWEZ, today the market leader in quality and product differentiation for special requirements.
  • ZWEZ is now transferring these significant properties of MoS2 to graphite based products: Lube GD 109 (significant advantages in cost and availability).
  • ZWEZ shows the future! (see table)



All 6 solid lubricants optimise the highest demands not only for cold extrusion of bar and wire, but also for hot forming. This level of development is “State of the Art”, unique! What is completely new is that Lube MD / GD already works on the activated or/and blasted surfaces with the SLS process invented by ZWEZ without phosphating.

ZWEZ-SLS = 2x dipping, without intermediate rinsing.

In comparison, the traditional process consisted of 5 active baths (including phosphating) and in between at least 3 rinsing zones with 3 compartments each.

NOW with SLS = 70% space saving ! Plus 70% energy and time savings and ….. without any rinse water at all.

Also for you – the SLS technology ‼️

The ZWEZ team recommends.
Give us sample parts, individual parts for our laboratory or mass-produced parts for our technical centre. We SLS-coat, so you can convince yourself of the performance of this future technology.


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