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ZWEZ-Coat separating films

Lubricant on seperating film

Separating films for cold forming

Separating film is the general term for the inorganic coating with ZWEZ-Coat. The ZWEZ-Coat separating film is located between the workpiece and the lubricating film and considerably increases the efficiency of the lubricating film. The film effect is not only caused by the extremely fast anchorage of the ZWEZ-Coat separating film on the metal surface, but also by the extraordinarily fine structure and in the chemical interaction with the lubricating film. As a  result, the ZWEZ-Coat separating film prevents a metallic contact between the tools and the workpiece in critical forming zones in which the separation properties of the lubricating film are insufficient.

The application of ZWEZ-Coat is directly carried out on the metal surface, subsequently the lubricating film is applied. Thus, the separating film is located between the workpiece and the lubricating film. The ideal solution is the combi-nation of ZWEZ-Coat separating films with ZWEZ-Lube lubricating films. This system guarantees the highest tool operating life, perfect surface quality of the workpieces and high dimensional accuracy in complex forming operations (net shape, near-net-shape).

The composition of ZWEZ-Coat products is specifically designed for the differing materials and various methods of forming.

  • Phosphate base for iron and steel
  • Oxalate base for stainless steel
  • Aluminate base for aluminum

The high degree of specialisation in the ZWEZ-Coat separating films becomes apparant in the physical and chemical properties which are perfectly tuned to the demands of the tribological system, such as surface pressure, temperature and surface expansion/degree of forming. The special physical properties such as adhesion, fine structure and packing density lead to an optimal interaction with ZWEZ-Lube lubricating films and significantly support the lubricating film properties.

The chemical composition of the ZWEZ-Coat separating film is specifically designed for the best possible course of chemical implementation with ZWEZ-Lube lubricating film. This cannot only be applied for the coating process, but also for the conditions in the lubrication seam during the forming.