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Phosphating for corrosion protection of iron, steel and zinc

The phosphate coating is an unrivalled carrier of corrosion protection products such as oils, waxes or paints. These phosphate coatings are an extraordinarily good adhesion base and a perfect rust protection for such products.

ZWEZ-Coat optimises the protection value by particularly densely packed phosphate crystals and their perfect adhesion. The passivations specially designed for these applications support the effect of this corrosion protection
system. Compared to galvanic coatings, the phosphate rustprotection in its high quality is even generated in cavities. The homogeneous dark-grey colour of the ZWEZ-Coat coatings has a very decorative effect.

The ZWEZ-Coat processes adapt themselves substantially to any demand and any system. There are coating thicknesses from very thin to very thick and for all normal bath temperature ranges. A stable bath process as well as low sludge and crust generation are self-evident for ZWEZ-Coat.

Special products for pre and post treatment optimise these processes:

  • ZWEZ-Cond for the pre treatment of fine and thin coatings
  • ZWEZ-Rinse for the post treatment for neutralisation/passivation
  • ZWEZ-Oil E and ZWEZ-Oil D for subsequent rust-protection oiling 

Manganese phosphating for sliding improvement and rust protection

There are two decisive reasons for using a ZWEZ-Coat phosphating agent on amanganese basis instead of using zinc phosphating.

1. Significant properties for abrasion reduction, e.g. for screw fittings, as well as a significant improvement in the running-in results of sliding parts of machines or engines.

2. Rust protection with an especially dark almost black phosphate coating; considerably darker than zinc phosphating. With larger coating thicknesses,
e.g. 15 μm, the roughness of the surface is significantly lower than with zinc phosphate coatings. The post-treatment is carried out with rust-protection products on oil or wax basis or also with paints.

Basically, a manganese phosphating generates significantly different phosphate
crystals compared to a zinc phosphating. This effect is distinct in the ZWEZ-Coat
products, and it is stable under most difficult application conditions.

These ZWEZ-Coat products fulfil both typical application areas in the best possible way, with both thin and medium-sized or thick coatings. The immersion process, as well as the sludge and crust generation are being optimised.
One can select from varying application temperatures.

Special products for pre- and post-treatment optimise these processes:

  • ZWEZ-Cond for the activating pre-treatment, as prerequisite for a coating generation
  • ZWEZ-Rinse for the posttreatment, for neutralisation and passivation
  • ZWEZ-Oil E and ZWEZ-Oil D for subsequent rust-protection oiling